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Audit  Representation 
and Tax Resolution

Does the worry of owing the IRS tax debt make you hesitate to open the mailbox for fear of receiving another certified letter? Have you received wage garnishments or lien notices?

Dealing with the IRS can be time-consuming, stressful and challenging. Worse owing back taxes can lead to low credit scores, wage or bank levies, and even, potential job loss. IRS problems have a way of ruining your life. The worry of compounding interest, additional penalties and increased IRS collection actions can take a toll on you physically, emotionally and financially.

There is a right way to end IRS problems, but only you can decide to resolve them, no one else can decide for you. Once you decide you want help clearing up past tax debts and submitting un-filed tax returns, you are faced with the task of finding a trustworthy and experienced tax resolution firm.  It's important to note that just because a tax preparer is licensed to represent you doesn't mean they are experienced or qualified. Solving tax problems is a specialty. Come see your local tax resolution specialist!


Our tax resolution services, start with a review of your current tax debt and compliance history. We will access your tax account, pull transcripts and find out what the IRS knows about you. We thoroughly investigate your tax record, gather information and identify areas of non-compliance.  As your legal representative we work directly with the IRS and speak on your behalf, so you no longer have to. If they want information or to talk to you they will have to go through us.

We work with you to complete and any file missing prior year tax returns. Once we gather all the necessary information, we'll review the options available to you and assist you on selecting the best resolution available based on your circumstances. Once a resolution is selected, we will complete and submit the necessary documents to resolve your tax debt burden. Keep in mind you may not qualify for every program, and most often we're not able to tell you which program you will qualify for in the initial phase of the case. Once your case is closed, we continue to work with you to create a plan to help you stay complaint in the future.


You need an advocate to help you navigate the tax laws and resolution options. You need a representative who will secure the best possible solution to your tax problem. Don't call a 1-800 number! Hire a representative that is local and can help you evaluate the alternatives and select the best resolution for your situation. We understand the tax resolution process and are ready to help you. 



  • Review and discuss your current tax situation

  • Submission of prior year un-filed tax returns

  • Evaluation and recommendation of possible alternatives 

  • Completion of OIC, Installment Agreements, or other options

  • Reach an agreement and close your case

  • Filing of future tax returns to stay in compliance

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